Uk architecture modern home design and uk home garden ideas for 2 storey modern house designs

indian architecture modern home design using aryabhangy wooden carved doors mamala kerala and uk home garden ideas for 2 storey modern house designs and floor plans philippines

Minimalist and convenient that's the overview of contemporary modern houses. Regardless of what design style choices the architecture or interior uses. The house is now actually designed very seriously so that it can have a trendy appearance is also elegant.

The design of the house can look very unique with the concept of modern design. Nevertheless, this aesthetic aspect forward without the slightest reduction of functionality. Even in some situations modern house precisely designed very functional.

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With the 2-storey design, this House also has advantages in terms of aesthetics. He was a beautiful woman with a proportional body size. It has a perfect appeal as a form of aesthetic perfection in modern times.

However, the aesthetic perfection does not mean that 1-storey house cannot be owned. Only, the 2-storey house design is slightly different and more complex than the 1-storey house. One difference lies in the circulation pattern. Circulation is a term in architecture that is distinguished into 2 types namely vertical and horizontal circulation.

This circulation is also closely associated with the aesthetic aspect of a building. Building with good circulation planning will give a strong aesthetic effect.

In the 2-storey house, the circulation used is not only horizontal, but also vertical. While in the 1-storey house, it only requires horizontal circulation. The circulation problem will be discussed more specifically in other articles.

Now please take a good look, here are some 2-storey home performances designed with a variety of design-style approaches. Ranging from modern, contemporary, minimalistic and Scandinavian styles, the latter are very popular and adapted widely because they are considered to represent modernity and its approach that harmonizes with nature.

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