single floor house design plan with modern house exterior minecraft and victorian house paint color schemes and bungalow house plans with attic

single floor house design plan with modern house exterior minecraft and victorian house paint color schemes and bungalow house plans with attic

Single floor house design plan- With land for housing that is increasingly limited, certainly to embed multiple beds in a dwelling becomes quite tricky. For a family of more than two older children who are in adulthood, two bedrooms are certainly not enough. On the other hand, having more bedrooms means you need more consideration in creating a floor plan or a proper minimalist home plan as the more bedrooms you want, the narrower the space left for other rooms.

Maybe some people will feel quite with just two bedrooms at home, but normally when your children grow up, they are given private rooms themselves. Not to mention if there are guests visiting and planning to stay. For that matter, at least three bedrooms in the house are the most ideal choices.Having three beds does not mean you have to sacrifice the comfort of relaxing in the living room, or the freedom of cooking in the kitchen, you know.

By planning a good house plan, you will still be able to smoothly activity even if your minimalist house is worshipped 3 bedrooms. Minimalist House plan type 36. Space freedom allows you to have 3 rooms with a sizable size, 3 bathrooms, 1 pretty kitchen, and even a side terrace of the house. The proper placement of Windows for exposure is also highlighted in this design.

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3-room House plan size 7 × 9. With different color characters in each room, make you won't get bored with your home. The main bedroom terrace is the uniqueness of this 3-room house plan. The master bedroom and 2 children's bedrooms, with style preference to suit each other, make each family member feel at home. Despite the different styles of bedrooms, the house is consistently using monochrome colors for wall paint and other furniture.

A simple Zen-style home plan, with a blend of Earth color or more familiar is called Earth tone. The use of white paint for wall coatings will provide a background that frees you choose furniture. For each room, floor-to-layer distinction makes the house more beautiful and different. Light and fun, this minimalist house plan brings a soft color. The child's room is more spacious than the other rooms, and a large enough living room allows for a more maximum child growth. The existence of parks and stairs to the house makes the house more enjoyable.

The 1-story small house plan with 3 bedrooms, can be tricked by combining a living room, dining room, and kitchen in one large room. There is no need to build a bathroom in each room, you can have only one bathroom with separate toilet so as not to reduce the productivity of family members, especially in the morning. The floor plan of minimalist house with a blend of white and lime color, is a combination was discussed earlier in the article Color combination Paint House minimalist. Bright and light lime color will brighten your minimalist home atmosphere. The use of hardwood floors in each bedroom also adds warmth and comfort while resting.

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Minimalist house plan with red brick exterior, match the placement of a long table on the terrace that is perfect for entertaining guests or party barbeque at home. The interior of the house looks more modern than the exterior, this is due to the use of a white palette and a selection of modern furniture. Tiny house with 3 bedrooms? Why not? With a considerable number of members, it is not necessarily impossible to stay in one tiny house. Use the concept of a house with a hallway that doesn't need to be too broad. For extra expanse, efficiency also placement dining room, living room, and kitchen.

Family home design with 2 children, often requires 3 bedrooms, especially when the child is growing up. The separation of the kitchen and dining room with the living room also makes the house more clean and easy to clean. The terrace hallway associated with the entrance also makes its own unique impression for guests coming to your home.

Family home design with 2 children, often requires 3 bedrooms, especially when the child is growing up. The separation of the kitchen and dining room with the living room also makes the house more clean and easy to clean. The terrace hallway associated with the entrance also makes its own unique impression for guests coming to your home. First floor house plan, you can use when you want to build a multilevel house in the future. Although it is still not realized in the near term, the laying of stairs should be thought of now. Added convenience, this minimalist house plan also gives direct access from the dining room to the terrace of the house.

The plan of the House with a similar room design, makes you do not have to worry about the diverse designs and end up making the house feels tacky. Each room design and bathroom was made exactly, with a size not different away. The dining room design and kitchen shaped bar also saves motion space at home.3-room house with garage. If your home does not have a courtyard or parking access, of course you have to leave room for the garage. But quiet, you can still have 3 bedrooms! Place the bedroom and bathroom adjacent and take advantage of the narrow, house model to give your room a big enough space.

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The Rooftop above the house will make the dwelling more enjoyable and spacious. The minimalist placement of stairs in the home and decorative marble courtyard makes the exterior of the house look impressive. The separate kitchen also provides the comfort of cooking, as well as maintaining other room cleanliness. A modern minimalist home plan with a glossy marble floor coating and a transparent door in every room, which makes the house look spacious and infinity. The use of furniture sets with similar materials and colors also makes the whole house look harmonious and not excessive, making this House successfully apply the plan of modern minimalist house perfect.

The small terrace in every room is definitely dreaming of many people. Every time you are saturated or feeling tired, you can relax your mind on your private terrace. Similar room design also makes each room look harmonious and minimalist. Minimalist house plan with 2 terraces. Just like some of the previous pictures, this House brings a mix of earth tones, ranging from floor, furniture, to doors and windows. The difference is in the selection of bed cover that is all blue and the existence of two terraces that fit to relax in the saturated.

Watch this when designing a home plan
Before you drop a choice to one of the minimalist plan examples above, it's a good idea to take a look at some of the most important things that will certainly affect the decision making design of the home that is most appropriate and suitable to apply in Your home.

1. Home Style

The first thing you should consider before actually planning the type of house plan that you will apply to the newly constructed residence is the overall style of the house. If your house will be built in a minimalist style, then choose a plan for a minimalist house as well. If your home is designed in a Mediteranian style, choose a design floor plan that aligns with the overall style of your home.

2. Number of Bedrooms

Know exactly how many bedrooms you will need for your shelter. Adapt to the number of family members and the frequency of guests arriving. If you have two children who are in adulthood, of course you will need at least three bedrooms. Not to mention if your home is often visited by close relatives to stay, it is definitely plan a simple minimalist house plan with only two bedrooms will not be adequate.

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3. One level or two levels?

Before planning a minimalist home plan, another thing you should be aware of is whether you want to make your house only one level, or have two levels? If one level, you will probably need input from experts to be able to maximize any space inside your home as best as possible. If it's two levels, you might be able to breathe a bit of relief in planning a house plan because by creating a multilevel house, you'll have more room to create a bedroom.

4. The main bedroom

In this Modern, a house that has one master bedroom (bedroom suite) is called having a higher value than the house that all bedrooms are designed similar. If you want to increase the value of your home, perhaps the design of a minimalist floor plan house that has one master bedroom is worth for you to try.

5. Bonus room

Some people argue that having an additional room has become a trend among the community. This extra room can be a room for washing, or a room for entertainment. But think carefully whether you really need the presence of a bonus room in your home or not, and whether the room will not make the house seem narrow. Don't get it just because wanting a different room to play the game, you so have to sacrifice the comfort of doing other staple things.

6. The number of bathrooms

The bathroom is also a crucial area that you should think of when building a house. Sure you don't want to be in line or scramble with your kids to just bathe in the morning because there's only one bathroom in your house? Think carefully about how many bathrooms you will need, and place the bathrooms-the bathrooms are in strategic places, which are close to the bedroom.

7. The Functionality

\When you have determined how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and extra space your home will have built, another thing you should also think about is how the rooms are placed between each other To make your home functional. For example, dining table placement with kitchen. Perhaps in some cases, there are people who want to place a dining table at a point, but it turns out that the point is quite far away from the kitchen. It is rated not functional, because it will certainly be a hassle to bring food from one place to another that is quite far away. Similarly, the placement of the bathroom and bedroom.